1 #broderiefraiche 
During her residency, Di Nunzio James will produce a performance of Broderie Fraîche in situ: a still life of gold embroidery on fresh vegetables and fruit. This characteristic art of the short-lived is the revised kintsugi: restoring the living by celebrating it.

2 #streettattoo 
Tattooed visitors are invited for a photo shoot in the gallery in their most beautiful attire, in black-and-white for Kotaro and in colour negative for Di Nunzio James: live reproduction of the photographs in signed and numbered artist proofs.

3 To be confirmed #nowar / A concert for peace concludes the exhibition on 26 August at 8 PM: Al.Hy performs in Amsterdam for the first time in a guitar-vocal-session. A suspended moment to support Ukraine and all countries destroyed by war, and together to celebrate life.